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Feb 19, 1966 (Age: 51)
Moore, OK

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    1. 656owner
      Hi Hotrod. Did not know you where on this forum also. You may know me better as IHC656.
    2. gpmorgan
      Getting ready for that Bday Hotrod???
    3. DRTruck
      My 1994 6.5 turbo diesel was running fine. I checked the oil and it was about half a quart low so I topped it off and may have over filled oil a little not much and now after starting it once a week ago it wont start and smoke coming from exhaust pipe. Could I have flooded the glow plugs? If I drain oil and put back to half a quart low will it clean out the glow plugs if foiled out? Any recommendations?
    4. DRTruck
      Hi, I have a third party power seat installed on the passenger side of truck. I traced it down to lack of power and was able to connect power to it from the driver side seat to test it, but trying to trace the wiring that runs under the carpet I ran into a brick wall. Any idea where the wires that go under the power seat into the floor area go from there? thanks for your help!!!
    5. Stitz Love
      Stitz Love
      How've you been, man?
      I had been away for many months... I saw you replied to a chevy post recently... thought I'd see if you had any new photos up an/or other... new trucks and/or stuff
      Hope you are in for a Merry Christmas!
    6. tdogultra
      Hotrod, I was told I should run this one by you. I have a 1991 1/2 ton 2WD 5.7L with a 700r4 trans that will start up and run great, until you put it into any gear position other then P or N. There aren't any codes and the motor is truly running great, revs fine, just immediately dies when put into gear. I replaced the Torque converter control solenoid and the fluid and filter, no change. The TCC on my truck is the 2 wire, not the single. Any idea's what could be going on? To me it seems like the torque converter is locked up.
    7. uranium67
      Been gathering parts for my truck, I took it to mind what you guys said, and I decided to leave the body alone. I cant really afford to get another truck unless its pre like, '60 cause the DMV KILLS me in prices. I havent been on as much because I been busy with school and trying to figure out why I'm still getting a parasitic drain in my truck. Also I been rebuilding an NP435 and a Borg-Warner ( I think its a T-18 but there are casting numbers in there that say T-98) so I been pretty busy haha at least for my age. I got a free Dana 70HD too:woot:
    8. davbell22602
      Ok, The cartech books are better than the hp books. More how to info in step by step pictures. The newer HP Books are just reprints from the ones in the 70's. Is the vortec engines classfied as a LS? What gen is a vortec if not a ls?
    9. davbell22602
      How do I wire up a push button switch for working under the hood? Doesnt have to really start but just turn the engine over for like checking for spark.
    10. davbell22602
      I think lost out on good deal cause I no hoist to get the engine on a truck. 35min drive away 89 350tbi with slight rod bearing knock, 2 700r4 with no drive gear 4x4, and 350 turbo with no gears. All for 150 bucks.
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    Feb 19, 1966 (Age: 51)
    Moore, OK


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