Nov 9, 2006
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    1. Joe LoPresti
      Joe LoPresti
      GMC, have a problem dealer cant solve, intermittently while driving my 2010 4x4 1500,my airbag light comes on,then i get the service airbag message then it goes out,after this i get anti loc,park assist, low tire pressure lights and messages. then all gauges go to zero then comes back on. there are no codes but this is basically how the problem cycles. it usually goes through everything that gives data to the driver, this goes on for 30 secs or so then a couple of days later it starts again. it is the third time to shop,but all they say is no codes and can not duplicate. Just turned 4200 miles
    2. gmctrucks
      Rider im outside of Houston and there is ton's of 4X4 shops here to help one out now I have a buddy that works a 4X4 Unlimited in Houston if you from this area he can take care of you. It's not hard to put on a lift kit for what you want just look under your truck and look at your lief springs and in the back you can use blocks.
      Good luck! GMC
    3. Rider
      I just posted a thread, but saw that you have tons of post and that your connected with gmc trucks.

      Could you offer me some advice on getting a body lift on my 1994 GMC jimmy?

      Im looking to lift it about 3 inches and put some 32's on it.

      What kind of shop does this?
      How much do you think it my cost?

      Hope to hear from you!
    4. gmctrucks
      Need more info?
    5. elliaur
      2001 gmc abs and brake light on
    6. gmctrucks
      I have bought on Ebay and have come out good now on this guy I would buy insurance that guaranty's your money back only because of he sneaky feedback.
    7. bubbatrucklover
      THANKS. I'm REALLY interseted in the first(I can't use the second style according to install people) and even though my budget is REAL tight IF I could hold out and hit $27 as a last minute bid I'd do it.

      My only concern is it's SO cheap for being a week old.(that's if he is excepting those low bids) I've NEVER bought on e-bay or used electronics so I'm a little leary.
    8. gmctrucks
      My 1993 truck came customized so the seats are made by Flex-Steel I doubt you will find these seats anymore since the company closed down that did my truck. Oh my seat is a full seat but the middle back part comes down so you can use it for your arm and it has drink holders.
    9. trucksmith
      you were replying to a member about buckets or bench seats. I have a 1980 standard cab with bench seat Im looking for a seat I heard about it could be a bench but the back rest are indepedent driver and passinger also middle back rest folds down to become an arm rest but I was unaware of your split seat that you have in your truck will your setup work in my truck without alot of modification ? also what year are split seats found? thanks
    10. gmctrucks
      Say there is a lot of members here from Texas im going to PM you.
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    Aug 5, 1960 (Age: 57)