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  1. WideTheF#%Open
  2. Aust89k1500
    1989 k1500 speedometer not working new speed sensor still nothing... speed gears?
  3. Dillon Anderson
    Dillon Anderson
    New plugs wires fuel filter new battery terminals throttle position sensor oil filter motor mounts just need to lift motor to change oil pan
  4. 85Bubba
    I have recently bought an 85 Silverado do learn mechanics and also teach my son. I super stoked to get a few thing fixed and hit the road!
  5. Ty Lucas
    Ty Lucas
    1990 c1500 wont idle unless im on the gas even thrn its rough, replaced tps and iac
  6. Ty Lucas
    Ty Lucas
    1990 C1500
  7. Kenya Houser
    Kenya Houser
    Why does my 99 Chevy suburban stall when I put it in reverse
  8. john rizzo
    john rizzo
  9. Floyd480
    Troubleshooting gauges....
  10. Chevyman1995
    I got 1990 chevy 1500 and its got a rough idle and seems to stall out when put in gear not all the time but every once in a while any ideas?